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Troop 23 Popcorn Fundraiser

popcornpatchThe basics

  • Every Scout ( and 1 parent ) must work 1 Show n Sell shift ( $50 dues surcharge for not participating) – Signup here (First show and sell is THIS weekend)
  • Show N Sell raise money to keep our dues low and benefits the troop directly
    • 40% of the the retail prices goes to the troop
    • Scouts get credit towards prizes for each shift worked but not to scout account
  • All individual sales (Take N Sell, Take Order, Online) mostly benefit the scout
    • 35% of retail price goes directly to scout account
    • 5% to the troop
  • Online orders have more variety including coffee – use social media!!
  • Troop 23 “Popcorn Kernels”
    • Mr. Plichta
    • Mr. Provencher

Key dates

  • October 13th meeting.  Turn in all forms to date and payments.
    • Get a new form to continue selling until October 23rd.
  • October 20th meeting – Last day of regular selling. Turn in forms and prize selections.
  • October 23rd – Last day to turn in forms and money from sales. Scouts can sell over the October 20th weekend with permission from Mr. Plichta. He needs to have all orders by Sunday night.


What you need to do to get started

  1. Discuss goals with your scout and set a goal
    1. Click here for some good targets
  2. Create your online account @
    1. Fill out the scout profile
    2. When prompted for your troop, select zip code 19335, troop 23
      1. MAKE SURE you pick TROOP 23 if you want credit.
    3. Post your individual link to social media
    4. Send online invites to friends and family
  3. Pickup your selling kit if you missed it last week
  4. Signup for your popcorn selling shift(s) at this link Sign Up
  5. Watch the “Luke” training video
  6. Set your personal goal & share it with me.  Email back to Mr. Plichta your personal goal.

Show and Sell

Show and Sell is when we stand in front of local stores and ask customers to support scouting.  Patrons can elect to purchase popcorn or provide a cash donation.  We use a soft sell approach, never bothering the customers of the establishments that support us. By showing good scouting values, we exemplify scouting regardless of a purchase.  We hold open doors, say thank you, wish people a great day, help carry bags.  Helpful, cheerful scouts remind people of the value of scouting!

  1. In order to make our budget, we need everyone’s help to make all shifts full for show N sell.  The impact of every scout/adult shift is $50 revenue to the troop, so if you can’t make a shift, we add $50 to your dues for non-participation.  Thanks for your support.
  2. You can sign up on paper at the meeting or by clicking here.

Personal Sales

Goal Setting

Every scout should set a goal.  I would suggest that every scout should earn enough to at least pay for their own dues.

  1. Annual Dues $100, Sell $286 (about 16 items or 3 online orders)
  2. Ten Weekend Camping Trips $150, Sell $430 (about 24 items or 5 online orders).
  3. Summer Camp, Sell $1150 (about 63 items or 13 online orders)
  4. 2017 Jamboree, Sell $4000 (about 222 items or 44 online orders).

Online Sales

  1. Online sales allow your friends, family and remote people support your scout.  This year the selection is very different than the take-order.  Different popcorn flavors, coffee, nuts, and donations are available.  There is even free shipping for large enough orders.
  2. Create your online account @
    1. Fill out the scout profile
    2. When prompted for your troop, select zip code 19335, troop 23
      1. MAKE SURE you pick TROOP 23 if you want credit.
    3. Post your individual link to social media
    4. Send online invites to friends and family

Take order

  1. Everyone should have received a take order form.  If not, we’ll have them at the meeting or contact me to get more.
  2. I highly recommend getting payment at time of order.  It makes drop off much easier!
  3. Mobile app – I have not tried it yet, but there is even a mobile app that allows scouts to take orders and credit cards during take and sell. Please let me know your experience if you try it first. (search “trails end” in your app store).  You can even use it for take N Sell.
  4. Orders for Take Order will be fulfilled in November.
  5. If you have checks (or cash you dont want to handle) you can turn them at any meeting and we’ll deposit it and keep track for you.

Take and Sell

  1. If your goal exceeds $650, we offer Take and Sell.  After the Show N Sell, scouts can get popcorn from Mr. Plichta or Mr. Provencher and sell it.  For any popcorn you take, you are responsible for the “retail value” of all popcorn taken or to return it (on time) when requested.
  2. Never open the colored boxes, they are sets that can’t be sold individually.  Same with Microwave popcorn.



Unlike Cub Scouts, the primary incentive for scouts to sell popcorn is to build their scout account.  Monies earned in the scout account can be used to pay for ANYTHING scouting related.  You can use scout account money to pay for dues, monthly camping trips, OA, summer camping, camping supplies, clothes, uniforms, high adventure… For anything paid to the troop, just tell the treasurer you want to pay from scout popcorn73percentaccount.  If you have a positive balance, you can pay that way.  For anything paid somewhere else, bring the treasurer a reciept and description of the scouting expense and we can cut you a reimbursement check from your scout account. Scouts also earn the prizes in the prize guide that came with the order form.
We also have $25 and $50 gift certificates that we raffle off to our leader board.  EVERY WEEK the top 3 sellers for that week will get an entry into the raffle at the end of the season. Sales are self reported before the end of the meeting each Thursday; and each week starts a new contest – so every week anyone can win!  Please email the troop or give a total to Mr. Plichta or. Mr Provenchar during the meeting of your weekly sales.

Helpful Hints

Thought Process:  Think in terms of the needs/wants of others.

  1. At Wawa, WalMart and Acme, people are in a hurry.
    1.  Share the popcorn selection efficiently with only 2 to 3 questions – Here’s how:
    2. “Would you like Ready-to-Eat or Prepare-yourself Popcorn?”
    3. If they want Ready-to-Eat, ask “Would you like Sweet or Savory?”
      1. Sweet – “We have Caramel Corn with or without nuts.”
      2. Savory – “We have White Cheddar or Jalapeno Cheddar.”
    4. If they want Prepare-yourself, ask “Would you like Microwave or Traditional?”
  2. At Wawa, WalMart and Acme, some people are preoccupied and may not be happy.
    1.  SMILE!  A scout is cheerful.
    2.  Offer a helping hand.  A scout is helpful.
  3. People really don’t want to buy expensive popcorn, BUT they DO want to help and support Scouting.
    1. Efficiently, share what they are supporting: Learning skills on Camping trips (Appalachian Trail, Horseshoe), Learning about history on Camping trips (Gettysburg), Merit Badges (First Aid, Cooking, Electricity, Forestry, etc.).
    2.  Efficiently, share something you were able to do last year because of money you earned last year.  (camping, merit badges – Railroad, swimming, first aid, etc.).
    3.  If they don’t want to buy popcorn, they can buy coffee online or donate to the military (popcorn for our troops).


2016 Popcorn Order Form

2016 Popcorn Prize Form

Popcorn Receipt  ( optional )

Popcorn Allergy Information (Nuts/Gluten/Soy/Milk…)

Safe selling tips from Council

Sample Sales Script

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